Wrong Mine Wrong Place

In Armidale (NSW) in September I had the honour of launching this (now globally-popular) video of the young farmers of the Liverpool Plains circling their tractors to oppose the giant Shenhua coal mine.

Shenhua, a state-owned corporation from Beijing has bought dozens of local farms in preparation for gouging one of the world's biggest coal mines threatening one of the world's richest food-growing valleys. But there's heartfelt resistance from the remaining farmers who, so far, have been let down by both the state and federal governments.

These young Australians deserve our backing!!! Write to your local MP and ask what she/he is doing to save the Liverpool Plains food bowl.

Bob Brown.


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  • Alex Uren
    commented 2015-10-16 08:50:12 +1100
    I have never been a supporter of the Greens, but after what our current government and opposition are doing to this country, it’s time to send a message.Labor and Liberal are now to controlled by big business and Australia is fast losing its identity.