Winter on The Blade

Article in Vertical Life, 25 May 2016


...perhaps the most important motive behind Winter on the Blade is to promote the conservation of such an iconic, yet vulnerable area. Andy’s intent for the expedition and the subsequent film is to display the pure, untamed nature of South West Tasmania, as well as inspire others to connect with the wilderness and with their own crazy ambitions.

“Not many people can relate to it,” explains Andy, “I’m just hoping that people might see our story and be inspired to care about the natural environment a bit more, and to actually challenge themselves to follow their dreams.”

It was this focus on preserving and promoting the natural landscape that eventually won over alternative contributors which helped make the project a reality. In ensuring the minimisation of environmental impact, the team worked closely with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service who were quite positive in their co-operation.

Additionally, Szollosi was able to secure funding from through the Bob Brown Foundation, a non-profit fund whose vision is “to protect Australia’s wild and scenic natural places of ecological and global significance.”...


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