Will Hodgman twists the facts

Media Release  19 Jan 2016


In this evening's media release under the banner and authority of Premier Will Hodgman but purporting to be from backbench novice Joan Rylah, the premier has striven to twist the facts.

First, his implication that logging is the best option for jobs is patently wrong. Tourism and hospitality based on Tasmania's wildlife and scenery produces many more jobs than logging. His conservative Liberal agenda is anti-jobs.

Second, it was the Hodgman government, including novice Rylah which moved the goalposts when it voted down the Tasmanian Forest Agreement. Having destroyed that agreement they look pathetic continuing to claim that those who signed it should stick to it.

Third, Lapoinya was selectively logged decades ago and the native forest is regrowing. Now the premier has licensed clearfelling and burning in order to deliberately destroy the native forest and its wildlife including threatened species like the unmentionable giant Tasmanian freshwater crayfish.

Fourth, this is not sustainable forestry, it is the utter destruction of 49 hectares of ancient Tasmanian forest ecosystem and its wildlife against the dismissed wishes of the local residents.

If Premier Hodgman would like to debate his job-losing, economically irresponsible environmental vandalism by coming from behind Ms Rylah's cover then I would be very happy to take him on - for Tasmania's sake.

Bob Brown.

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