Wattle Day Speech 2016

Media Release 1st September 2016


Bob Brown calls for memorial of invasion, new flag and national day.

Former Greens Leader Bob Brown has called for the nation to build an exhibition centre in or near Canberra to display the impact on Indigenous Australians of the two centuries since the British invasion.

“Australia will inevitably come to better terms with the disaster which overtook the ancient occupiers of this land. We will mature as a nation when we have a dedicated place where all Australians can go to see and experience the unembellished facts of the dispossession of First Australians from so much of their land and culture.”

The Bob Brown Foundation is campaigning for the protection, World Heritage nomination and return to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community of the Tarkine wilderness in northwest Tasmania.

Brown also renewed the call for a new national flag which retains the Southern Cross but replaces the Union Jack with Australia's most internationally recognised symbol, the flying red kangarooo, as used by the Royal Australian Air Force.

He said that September 1st, Wattle Day, would be a good date for a new national day of celebration which Indigenous Australians could celebrate along with everyone else.

Bob Brown is giving the 11th Wattle Day speech in Parramatta today.

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