Belfast Coastal Reserve: 'Save Our Beaches' Community Symposium a great success.

Bob Brown was the keynote speaker at the 'Save Our Beaches' Community Symposium. Speaker after speaker at the event shared detailed cultural, environmental and public land and safety information, providing the community with the knowledge they needed to be able to make informed decisions about the cultural and environmental significance and the future of the Belfast Coastal Reserve.

“Where were you”, he began, “When the seasons began to change? Where were you when the species were being driven to extinction? Did you step off the curb and join the struggle or just leave it to others? Future generations will thank us for our efforts. We call on the Local, State and Federal governments to commit to to afford the BCR the respect and protections that it needs, to recover and to restore the environmental and Cultural integrity of this precious coastal gem, so that the environmental and cultural treasures of this region be protected into the future”. He informed, challenged and inspired and his closing words were, “Be of good heart. We will win” and left the stage to thunderous applause.

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