Mine your food bowl?

"This Cloudcatcher film captures the plight of farming families on the Liverpool Plains being bulldozed by the might of Beijing's Shenhua coal corporation. It comes down to growing good food in a planet facing food shortages versus massive coal pits to line the pockets of men who will never go near, see or care two hoots about the Liverpool Plains or their farmers.

In the national interest the state and federal governments must intervene and protect the farmers. But will they? That's up to us - you and me, as well as the farmers. Do what you can to help and do it now."

Bob Brown



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Defend Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage video

Bob Brown Foundation has released a new video "Defend Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage"...

The future is in OUR hands.

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Big Coal Destroys Great Barrier Reef and Caley Wetlands

Reese Halter
Paul, Reese and Bob

Earth Dr Reese Halter has released a new YouTube video on the effects of the worldwide use of coal on the oceans, and of coal industry port expansions on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The Abbot Point dredge dumping proposal will harm the Caley Wetlands, an important area protecting the Great Barrier Reef and home for numerous birds.

Further information:


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Bob Brown on Optimism at Bangalow

Bob's complete speech and film from Byron-Ballina Greens fundraising event on 1st August 2014


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Deakin: Environmental Sustainability - Making a Difference!

Bob Brown, Environmentalist, presents \

Bob Brown, Environmentalist, presents "Environmental Sustainability: Making a Difference!" on the 25th August, 2014

Bob presented a lecture at the "Environmental Sustainability: Making a Difference!" event at Deakin University to celebrate 30 years of environmental science courses at Deakin University and its predecessor Victoria College.

The video of his speech is now available on the DeakinAir website.

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Bob Brown On Optimism at Melbourne Town Hall

 Optimism in Melbourne Town Hall

In this talk, presented at Melbourne Town Hall (and introduced by Noni Hazlehurst), Bob Brown explains the reasoning and the influential events that have shaped his belief in optimism as a powerful agent that can make a real difference.

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Optimism for Kids

 Optimism for kids

Before speaking to a booked out Melbourne Town Hall on 5th August 2014 about his new book Optimism: Reflections on a Life of Action, Australian Greens founder and former leader Bob Brown made time to speak with Max Teakle and Remy Anderson (of St Martins Youth Arts Centre).

In this video, he answers their questions about the challenges of being green, learning to be optimistic, compulsory voting, and the choices we can all make to preserve our collective future.

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Earth Song

Music and lyrics by Bob Brown, sung by Claire Dawson accompanied by Craig Wood and Michelle Wood.

Michael Gissing did a great job of putting together some fantastic footage supplied by Joe Shemesh, Pawel Achtel, Aerial Inspections, David Gemmell.

Enjoy! And if you'd like to help the Earth, donate to the Bob Brown Foundation.

Copyright © 2012.


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Defend World Heritage public meeting

On Wednesday 21st May, Hobart Town Hall was packed to overflowing for our public meeting to defend World Heritage. If you weren't able to be there, here's a short video of some of the highlights.

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Defend World Heritage Rally

This beautiful short video of the Rally for World Heritage, shows highlights of the speeches, the crowd and the magnificent forest itself.  Watch it, be moved and take action.


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