Belfast Coastal Reserve: 'Save Our Beaches' Community Symposium a great success.

Bob Brown was the keynote speaker at the 'Save Our Beaches' Community Symposium. Speaker after speaker at the event shared detailed cultural, environmental and public land and safety information, providing the community with the knowledge they needed to be able to make informed decisions about the cultural and environmental significance and the future of the Belfast Coastal Reserve.

“Where were you”, he began, “When the seasons began to change? Where were you when the species were being driven to extinction? Did you step off the curb and join the struggle or just leave it to others? Future generations will thank us for our efforts. We call on the Local, State and Federal governments to commit to to afford the BCR the respect and protections that it needs, to recover and to restore the environmental and Cultural integrity of this precious coastal gem, so that the environmental and cultural treasures of this region be protected into the future”. He informed, challenged and inspired and his closing words were, “Be of good heart. We will win” and left the stage to thunderous applause.

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Whale wars - Southern Cross News 21 July 2017

Southern Cross News aired this "Whale Wars" segment on 21 July 2017, and features interviews with Bob Brown and Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

See also the media release "Australia must act to prevent Japan’s illegal whale slaughter - Brown".

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The Guardian - Bob Brown's wisdom: I choose to be optimistic

The Guardian's "Wisdom of Ages" series has a video interview with Bob - watch it here.


"In the dramatic magnificence of Tasmania’s Liffey Valley at the property he donated to Bush Heritage Australia, former Greens leader Bob Brown shares the joy of retirement, of renewed vigour for environmental activism, and the wisdom of choosing hope and compassion – even when it all seems hopeless"


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Bob Brown - Big Scrub Rainforest Day video

Bob Brown's inspiring and moving keynote address at the Big Scrub Rainforest Day, Rocky Creek Dam - 16 Oct 2016

(Video by Oren Siedler)



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Dawn Walker - Great Koala National Park

Greens campaigner Dawn Walker is championing a Great Koala National Park in Northern NSW...

A Great Koala National Park to protect the North Coast's koalas? What a fantastic idea. I'm supporting the National Park's Association's call to convert various state forests into a new national park on the Mid-North and North Coast of NSW. This iconic species should be protected from logging and other threats.

What do you think?


For more information see



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ABC - Are national parks our future or our past?

ABC RN 2 April 2016


Are national parks remnants of our past or the seeds of the earth’s future?

How should we make use of national parks? Is development within park borders ever appropriate?  And are national parks performing well as national conservation investments?

ABC Radio National presentation by Dr Ann Jones with Bob Brown, Chris Bell, Dr Erica Randle, Professor Hugh Possingham and Kirsten Drysdale.

Listen the ABC RN story here.

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Earthcast SOS - 'Anonymous' Shames Japan for Murdering Whales and Dolphins

Dr Reese Halter's latest Earthcast SOS looks at the efforts of the hacktivists "Anonymous" to disrupt whale poaching - and calls for an Australian Customs vessel to monitor illegal whaling in the southern oceans.

We must never be silent --
We must never give up --

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Wrong Mine Wrong Place

In Armidale (NSW) in September I had the honour of launching this (now globally-popular) video of the young farmers of the Liverpool Plains circling their tractors to oppose the giant Shenhua coal mine.

Shenhua, a state-owned corporation from Beijing has bought dozens of local farms in preparation for gouging one of the world's biggest coal mines threatening one of the world's richest food-growing valleys. But there's heartfelt resistance from the remaining farmers who, so far, have been let down by both the state and federal governments.

These young Australians deserve our backing!!! Write to your local MP and ask what she/he is doing to save the Liverpool Plains food bowl.

Bob Brown.


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The Sarawak Report founding editor facing harassment


"Clare Rewcastle Brown is an exemplar of fearless journalism. Brought up in Malaysia, she has campaigned for the rights of indigenous people in Sarawak against corrupt governments at state and national level. Not least she is a global voice against the ongoing destruction of Sarawak's rainforests by logging companies and its rivers by dam-building outfits aided an abetted by Western agencies - not least the secretive Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation.

Clare came to Tasmania a couple of years back and at a massive Press Conference which I hosted as a Greens senator, talked about corruption in Malaysia and the role of Ta Ann, now in the logging business in Tasmania, in wrecking Sarawakian rainforests: the Tasmanian media gave her no coverage!!!"

Bob Brown

See the report on


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Happiness & Its Causes 2015

A video of Bob's presentation at the "Happiness & Its Causes 2015" conference.

“Optimism is a key ingredient for any successful human endeavor – and isn’t keeping Earth viable the greatest endeavor we can ever undertake? It is a fortunate life if a person feels more optimistic than ever before. That’s me.”

For more information on "The Happiness Project" visit Also check their blog and subscribe to their newsletter at

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