Turnbull signs Tasmanian forests’ death warrant

Bob Brown says Prime Minister Turnbull has today signed the death warrant on thousands of hectares of wild forests in Tasmania, including vital habitat trees for the critically endangered Swift Parrot.

"Turnbull is directly endangering the survival of this internationally-renowned bird, the fastest parrot on Earth, which migrates from mainland Australia to Tasmania each year to nest and raise its young in oldgrowth native forests. This year, forests in Tasmania's south, needed for nesting by Swift Parrots, have been logged, despite pleas to save the trees by scientists working to prevent the Swift Parrots' rapid spiral towards extinction. Knowing this, the Prime Minister nevertheless signed off on twenty more years of dreadful and entirely unnecessary destruction.

"Elsewhere is Tasmania, from the Tarkine to the Northeast Highlands, Wielangta and the Central Plateau, Turnbull has put his signature to the Tasmanian Government's plan to continue logging the habitats of other endangered species like Tasmanian Devils, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Giant Freshwater Crayfish and Masked Owls. This is not only irresponsible from an ecological point of view, it cuts right across Brand Tasmania as a place of pristine rivers and forests, rare wildlife and wild and scenic beauty. It will cost jobs.

"Turnbull is authorising forest destruction no less environmentally evil than that occurring in the Amazon, Borneo and the Congo," Brown said.

"My foundation and other environment groups will now raise the campaign to protect Tasmania's forests and wildlife, with all the polls showing a great majority of Australian voters back us to do so. This will be high on the agenda at election 2019", Brown said.

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