Prime Minister Turnbull should step in and end farce between BP & NOPSEMA – Brown

Media Release 28 September 2016


Prime Minister Turnbull should step in and end the farce between BP and NOPSEMA, Bob Brown said today.

“Mr Turnbull should tell BP not only that it hasn’t done its homework but it has failed every reasonable test and should leave the Great Australian Bight to the whales, seals and dolphins,” Brown said.

“Clearly NOPSEMA believes BP’s operation is unacceptably dangerous. That is logical enough following BP’s own astounding predictions that an oil spill would affect waters as far away as NSW,” Brown said.

“There is a rising tide of public opposition to this fraught drilling project. BP should back off and save its reputation further damage,” said Brown, who toured the Great Australian Bight aboard the Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin last month.

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