Each year in November, the Bob Brown Foundation host the Tarkine BioBlitz – an annual ‘festival of citizen science in nature’. To date, we have taken over 500 scientists, supporters and volunteers out into the Tarkine, and over the past five years we have observed nearly 1000 species in the unique Tarkine environment.

This year, as a consequence of COVID19, we will be adapting our event to suit public health recommendations and the ever-changing situation when it comes to events. 

Rather than one big event, we will be running our BioBlitz weekend with 6-8 smaller basecamps that operate independently out of different parts of the Tarkine. This will give us the unique opportunity to explore and survey more remote parts of the Tarkine. Some camps will be remote wild camping style weekends, while others will be held in a more accessible area, with lodging available at one of the nearby accomodation providers. 

BioBlitz will begin on the evening of Thursday the 12th of November, and will finish on the morning of Sunday the 15th. Friday and Saturday will be dedicated to surveying. Survey sites will range from coastal, rainforest, buttongrass plains and river sites, and we are open to working with our scientists to find survey sites that suit their expertise.

We would like to invite any interested biologists, ecologists, naturalists and nature enthusiasts to get in touch if they would like to join us in leading a survey. If you have some level of expertise in a relevant field and are willing to work with a small group of enthusiastic citizens to survey, identify and record findings then please email [email protected] 

We will provide more information for our supporters to join this event soon, so please stay tuned. 

We are also on the lookout for outdoorsy, competent volunteers to complete our support teams for these trips. Please take a look at the options below, and let us know if you are interested in fulfilling one of these roles! 


We are looking for the following roles:

Basecamp Coordinator         

Basecamp Coordinators will be responsible for leading and coordinating their group of scientists and participants. They will manage group decision-making, keep track group numbers and safety, and ensure that all tasks are being met.


  • Leading the group; making all decisions, managing team meetings and communications.
  • Keeping track of participants in their group, making sure participants are accounted for when arriving and departing sites; managing group safety.
  • Responsible for equipment coordination – making sure the group has all the necessary equipment to complete surveys and tasks, making sure all equipment is packed out afterwards.
  • For remote camps, guiding the team to the appropriate location using navigation.

Requisite Skills:

  • Leadership ability, confidence in decision-making.
  • Navigation and topographical skills
  • Wilderness First Aid desirable


Basecamp Coordinator’s Assistant

Basecamp Coordinator’s Assistant’s will work with the Basecamp Coordinator to ensure that Basecamp is running effectively; that all shelter and camp infrastructure is up to scratch; and that all members of the camp are operating safely and effectively.


  • Assisting the Basecamp Manager to lead the group, and undertake the activities listed above
  • Manage all group administration; registration sheets, dietary requirements, attendance etc.

Requisite Skills:

  • A willingness to undertake any task required by Basecamp Coordinator.


Drivers will be responsible for transporting all participants, survey leaders and equipment to the required location, either in hired vehicle or own vehicle (to be confirmed closer to the date). 


  • Coordinating pick-up and drop-off times and spots for all passengers
  • Coordinating with Basecamp Coordinator to collect equipment
  • Use Google Maps or personal knowledge to take passengers to correct location
  • Drive safely and competently

Requisite Skills:

  • Full Drivers License
  • Confidence driving in remote locations
  • Confidence in using Google Maps to find a remote or unmarked location


Biosecurity Coordinator

Biosecurity Coordinators will be responsible for ensuring that all teams are appropriately managing biosecurity risks, including DPIPWE guidelines for managing introduced pests and diseases (e.g Phytophthora). They will also be responsible for ensuring groups are following COVID protocol.


  • Reading and understanding DPIPWE’s guidelines for managing biosecurity risks in Tasmanian wilderness areas.
  • Gathering and maintaining biosecurity materials for group
  • Setting up stations for gear cleaning and boot-washing
  • Ensuring appropriate COVID-Safe plans are followed e.g. handwashing and sanitiser/social distancing.

Requisite Skills:

  • Knowledge and recognition of the importance of maintaining strict biosecurity protocols in the Tasmanian wilderness
  • Understanding of the importance of managing COVID risks at a public event.


Food Coordinator      

Food Coordinators will be responsible for ensuring there is suitable food for the members of the group throughout the weekend.


  • Collecting dietary requirements from Event Manager
  • Collecting ingredients and cooking equipment before the trip and ensuring it is transported to the correct location. 
  • Creating a roster for cooking for your group to ensure the load is shared amongst participants.

Requisite Skills:

  • Prior experience in catering or hospitality strongly looked upon



Photographers will accompany groups to capture and record images of the beautiful flora and fauna we find. 


  • Accompany groups into field sites to photograph any findings. 
  • Label and transfer all photographs digitally to BBF office upon trip's return. 

Requisite Skills:

  • Photographic skills and expertise a must. 

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  • Gaby Jung
    commented 2020-08-28 21:06:45 +1000
    interested in food coordinator
  • Aase Brown
    commented 2020-08-27 20:48:37 +1000
    Interested in being a Basecamp Coordinator Assistant
  • Debbie searle
    commented 2020-08-27 20:26:44 +1000
    Interested in being a Food Coordinator