TodayTonight - Laundering Money in Adelaide

Hendrik Gout’s TodayTonight story went to air on Monday October 5 2015, talking about Adelaide's link to money laundering and the disappearing rainforest in Sarawak.


"In 2012 Jenny Weber and I went to Sarawak to aid indigenous people campaigning against de-forestation and the proposed dam across the Baram River. Our Foundation continues to work for Sarawak's indigenous people and its remarkable rainforested environment.

This remarkable segment from TodayTonight in Adelaide encapsulates the criminality and corruption Sarawakians are up against.

In 2014 Jenny and Matthew Newton returned to Sarawak and in 2015 we helped host the Australian tour of Lukas Straumann from the Bruno Manser Foundation in Switzerland. Now see Hendrik Gout's report from Today Tonight. You can send a copy to your local Federal MP."

Bob Brown

October 2015

See the full TodayTonight episode here.

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