Rapid River Rainforests by Dan Broun

Tarkine in Motion is in its fourth year, and four years ago we went to the Rapid River rainforests where dozens of artists immersed themselves in the lushness and fell in love. It was with a gut-churning heaviness we find ourselves needing to revisit the Rapid in a time of crisis.

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Rapid River Camp by Isabel Quigley

It was a beautiful land, rich with life. So much beauty and wonder, our time there was too short. It is sad to think this is threatened. We have all be inspired so much to paint, to draw, to write, to sing. takayna, to know her is to love her.

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Tarkine Privilege - A poem by Claire Barker

A Kiwi in takayna

Learning a fraction of past experience

Through present experiments

Perspective begs comparison to

Enrich understanding but my

Outsider stance limits comprehension

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Diary of a Tarkine in Motion roamer

2018 was my second year attending this artists' collaborative event Tarkine in Motion and I went with a different sense of anticipation and a stronger sense of purpose.

I signed up as a 'roamer', so rather than spending the event in one place or with one group, I travelled to different locations and did a lot of solo exploration and got to visit a range of places I hadn't reached before.


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Poem by Fred Orr

Slip, Fall, Crushed, Bitten

Warning signs of dangers lurking
Within the glen you are approaching
To enter the Tarkine forest here
Your health’s at risk, have no fear.
But, the dangers never will compare
With worldly thrills increasingly rare
Of bold and beautiful Wilderness.
Step carefully, respectfully,
Welcome to The Tarkine.

F.E. Orr
15 April 2018

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Frankland River Camp

Frankland River - not to be confused (although it always is) with its more well-known, safely protected, cousin much further south.  Site of our ongoing Conservation Camp to prevent logging destroying the ancient rainforest and mixed native forests that line this beautiful river.  And for 4 days during Tarkine in Motion, artists' base camp.



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Corinna rainforest camp

Our Tarkine in Motion Corinna base camp is located at Corinna Wilderness Experience village, nestled in the rainforest on the Pieman River. The placid waters of the Pieman provide no clue to the wildness of the Southern Ocean, encountered a few hours downriver.

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Back to takayna / Tarkine's forests, rivers and coastline

Tarkine in Motion 2018 is underway with over 200 artists and volunteers spread out across ten camps in takayna / Tarkine.

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