Climate, Forests, Wildlife & Economy threatened by Tasmanian Government regressive agenda

Media Release 13 December 2016


Bob Brown Foundation is expecting a lively Public Meeting in Hobart Town Hall tomorrow calling for forest protection, as guest speakers highlight the threat by Tasmania’s government to trash the future of forests, wildlife habitat, the economy and climate.

Impacts will be felt from the local to international by the regressive Tasmanian government agenda to allow logging in 357,000 hectares of Tasmania’s forests that were independently verified as high conservation value and promised secure protection by the previous Tasmanian government.

“Premier Hodgman plans to turn forest beauty into a double eyesore: one being the piles of logs on the Hobart wharf, the other being the hillsides scarred form clearfell logging in Tasmania's scenic interior. This puts visitors off and costs tourism industry jobs,” Bob Brown said.

“With global warming accelerating and ice sheets melting at an alarming rate, we have an urgent and overwhelming responsibility to protect native forests as carbon stores and restore degraded forests to maximise carbon as fast as we can. We need more forests protected, not less. The climate depends on it,” Global Greens Ambassador Christine Milne said.

“It is reprehensible that the Hodgman Government is recklessly destroying biodiversity and pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when all the modelling of how the world can constrain global warming to less than 2 degrees and pursue 1.5, are based on increasing terrestrial carbon stores not rushing to liquidate them through logging,” Christine Milne said.

“After 20 years of trying to protect habitat for the world’s largest freshwater invertebrate, enough is enough. No reserves have been put aside and we are running out of areas considered suitable habitat for protection of this globally unique species. It is time to make a stand,” Lobster man Todd Walsh said.

“Logging high conservation value forests is not only offensive to Tasmanians but the kiss of death in the market. These days, people want to be sure that they are not buying the products of forest destruction,” Peg Putt, CEO of Markets for Change, concluded.

Defend Forests Public Meeting at Hobart Town Hall

Time: 1:10pm – 2pm
When: Wednesday 14 December

Order of Speakers:

Peg Putt – CEO Markets for Change.

Todd Walsh – The Lobster man, expert on the giant freshwater lobsters, Astocopsis Gouldi.

Heather Sculthorpe – CEO Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre.

Christine Milne - Global Greens Ambassador.

Bob Brown - Environmentalist

For more information: Jenny Weber 0427 366 929


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