The Mercury

3 May 2013

Dear Editor,

Fresh from using his Legislative Council vote to smash the Tasmanian Forest Agreement, Jim Wilkinson has put out a pamphlet implicating me for not having signed the agreement.

Yet he knows that I was offered no place at the agreement table.

In Canberra, as Leader of the Australian Greens, I instigated parallel negotiations with the Commonwealth which led to some $300 million being offered to our state, not just for the loggers but for regional development and the creation of new jobs. An extra $7m will flow each year towards management of the World Heritage areas (due to be proclaimed in June), which include the tallest flowering forests on Earth, and other protected areas.

Jim Wilkinson contributed nothing to this outcome. Yet he has now acted as a spoiler. He deserves to be replaced by the more positive and in-touch Greens candidate,Tom Baxter, at next Saturday's poll in Nelson.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Brown