The Mercury

31 January 2014

Dear Editor,

The Coalition Federal Government is hell-bent on reversing the 2013 World Heritage listing of the tallest flowering forests on Earth here in Tasmania.

It aims to revert to the highly subsidised logging of these ancient forests and their unique Tasmanian wildlife.

I am amazed that the federal Liberal MPs from Tasmania, like their state parliamentary colleagues, feel such disdain for something that so many Tasmanians are proud to own. Just three years ago the same Liberals offered to protect the same forests, including the Upper Florentine, Styx and Weld.

They should revert to that policy and look instead at how places like the Styx River's Valley of the Giants can be proudly presented to an increasingly mobile world in which natural ecosystems have a rapidly growing premium. This promises many more jobs that there would be in reverting to destroying such a unique asset through industrial logging.

The Liberal's path ahead is full of tears for people who love Tasmania's wild and scenic beauty.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Brown

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