The Foundation

In this age of rapid destruction of the biosphere, attended by cynicism and pessimism, our foundation will use ecological reality and optimism to promote real environmental wins.

We aim to help campaigns and activists who show real pluck and intelligence in protecting ecosystems, species and wild and scenic heritage.

Bob Brown's appeal to fund the court case to stop the logging destruction of Tasmania’s magnificent Wielangta Forest drew a generous response from people all over Australia and beyond, though none of this generosity was tax deductible.

Now, Bob Brown Foundation will carry on that work, to protect more scenic land environments, wildlife and marine ecosystems in Tasmania, around Australia, in Antarctica and across our region.

The Foundation is a non-profit fund which will promote the protection and enhancement of, and the provision of information and education about:

  • The wild and scenic beauty of Tasmania
  • The ecological integrity of Australia
  • Earth's wilderness
  • The happiness of humanity on Earth


Our Board

  • Roland Browne – President, Solicitor, Hobart
  • Christine Milne – Secretary, Environmentalist, Hobart
  • Leanne Minshull – Public Policy Strategist, Hobart
  • Michael Dempsey – Public Servant, Hobart
  • Willoh Weiland – Artist/Writer, Hobart
  • Kate Chalker – Manager, Sydney


Our Staff

  • Steven Chaffer – CEO
  • Jenny Weber – Campaign Manager
  • Scott Jordan – Tarkine Campaigner
  • Manderlee Anstice – Graphic Designer & Digital Campaigner
  • Molly Coburn – Campaign Organiser
  • Jasmine Wills – Executive Assistant
  • Adam Burling – Media Manager
  • Amanda Sully – Philanthropy and Fundraising Director
  • Geoff Law – AdaniWatch Investigator
  • Erik Hayward - Tarkine Campaign Assistant
  • Dorothee Babeck - Sydney Campaign Organiser
  • Karen Robson - Administrative Assistant 


Our Contact Details

  • The Bob Brown Foundation Inc.
  • ABN 51 634 785 002
  • PO Box 4586, Hobart Tasmania 7000
  • 03 6294 0620


Head Office

  • Level 4, 116 Bathurst St Hobart 7000
  • For all correspondence, please use the postal address listed above.


2018-19 Annual Review

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2017-18 Annual Review


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2016-17 Annual Review

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