Tarkine BioBlitz: Moths at Dempster Plains


Bioblitzers were out after dusk luring moths at Dempster Plains with Dr Peter McQuillan, entomologist and Senior Lecture at the University of Tasmania. 


A night survey of the threatened Keppel Creek Forest, led by Tasmanian entomologist Dr Peter McQuillan, found a stunning array of creatures, with several species yet to be identified.

“We collected about 150 species in 2 hours, mostly moths and beetles, including at least two species which have not been scientifically named before. Many of these insects depend on old-growth trees, feeding on decaying wood on the ground.  We found various species of longicorn beetles and a wide variety of leaf-litter feeding moths, which are important in the carbon cycle of forests, a predatory native Victaphanta snail and a beautiful jewel beetle which depends upon Myrtle beech forests”, Dr McQuillan said.



There were many small species collected which will take some laboratory time to identify more fully.




Images: Kelly Slater

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