Explaining the Tax Deductable Gift Reform Opportunities Discussion Paper


Markets For Change have released a Background Brief explaining the 2017 Federal Treasury's Tax Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) Reform Opportunities Discussion Paper and how it may impact on eNGOs, their supporters and donors.

In June this year, the federal government though the Federal Treasury Department released a Discussion Paper reviewing how organisations which have Tax Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGRs, many of which are also charities) are managed. As acknowledged by the Discussion Paper, DGR tax arrangements are intended to encourage philanthropy and provide support for the Not-For-Profit sector (NFP). DGR status, along with other tax concessions to the NFP sector also encourages delivery of goods and services that are in the public interest. The initial one month consultation period on the Discussion Paper was belatedly extended from its original July deadline with submissions now due on Friday, 4th of August.

Download and read the full Background Brief (PDF) here.

Please take the time to write a submission as suggested on page 6 of the Background Brief to support a strong and diverse environmental sector – including charities and other not-for profits – which is vital to ensure that Australia’s environment is protected, and that governments and businesses comply with their legal obligations and the rule of law.


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  • Melanie Leondaridis
    commented 2017-08-03 12:52:20 +1000
    Please put the link on this page for the pre-filled suggested, email submission?

    Heres a sample of my submission;
    I am writing to express my position in regard to the proposals outlined in the ‘Tax deductible gift recipient reform opportunities’ discussion paper.

    I am very dissapointed and venemently oppose these proposed changes. As a gift contributor I should have the right to donate and have my funds used for whatever legal conservation activities I see as meaningful through my choice of any conservation organisations which are aligned with my values- NOT the values of the what the current Government will be dictating if these proposals go ahead. If the current Government was more focused on thier responsibilities in environmental remediation as I believe it should be, then environmental organisations shouldn’t have to allocate a minimum amount to this, allowing them to focus on more meaningful activities or allocate funds as they set fit which are aligned with donor values and expectations, NOT the values and expectations of the current Government. If these proposals go ahead, it is a form of censorship and dictatorship from the current Government against my views and right to choose [as a member of the general public] on how my donated funds are utilised for environmental protection.
  • Jacqueline Franklin
    commented 2017-08-02 15:42:31 +1000
    Concerning reading proposed DGR 2017 Treasury Proposal