Tasmanian forests are not fuel for furnaces



‘Tasmanian Government Minister Paul Harris has today revealed a nightmare scenario to generate electricity from the destruction of Tasmania’s unique native forests and wildlife habitats by pushing for a forest furnace in the southern forests. Tasmania’s unique forests are not fuel for furnaces. We call on Minister Harris to rule out public funding and subsidies for forest furnaces in Tasmania,’ Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

‘A forest furnace on the banks of Tasmania’s Huon river is a last century proposal, biomass generated by burning native forests is not clean and green, it is dirty and destructive,

Biomass electricity generated by burning native forests in forest furnaces is not renewable energy, it would be dangerous to human health and Australians don’t want it,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘For the public it’s a choice between ending industrialised logging in Tasmania’s native forests and wildlife habitats or forest furnaces for decades to come,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘Tasmania’s native forests are globally unique, as intact forests across the planet are vanishing at a rapid rate. Intact forests gather and store carbon. Protecting native forests is a solution to Tasmania’s reduced rainfall and increased climate change impacts not the Tasmanian government proposal for forest furnaces from logged endangered species habitat,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘Minister Harris’ absurd proposal to entrench logging of native forests for forest furnaces across Tasmania would deplete valuable forest carbon stores and have devastating impacts on biodiversity, climate, communities and local economies,’ Jenny Weber said.

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  • Nigel Hewitt
    commented 2016-02-10 12:07:19 +1100
    All you have to do is walk through these magnificent forests to understand the important role its biodiversity plays in the cycle of life.
    I find it extraordinary to think that a contemporary politician could come up with such an illogical proposal to create energy especially when you consider the massive development in alternative energies.
    When you walk through these forests you become incredibly aware of how there is a balance between life and death. The dead feeding back into new life. What can I say!
  • Jill Redwood
    commented 2016-02-08 13:26:43 +1100
    Totally absurd notion – but the industry IS absurd – and desperate. The loss of buyers for our planet’s lungs as matchbox sized woodchips is now forcing the logging mafia to spruik that tearing down our native forests to throw into furnaces is good for us, the climate and humanity. Sound familiar?