Tasmanian environmental activists protest Tarkine logging

Article by BLAIR RICHARDS in The Mercury June 23, 2015


ENVIRONMENTALISTS say the State Government is damaging Tasmania’s tourism reputation by allowing logging in the Tarkine.

But the Liberals have labelled the protest a ploy to gain support for a Greens Senate preselection candidate.

A small group of protesters from Save the Tarkine and the Bob Brown Foundation gathered outside the Executive Building in Hobart this morning to highlight what they said was “subsidised logging”.

Save the Tarkine campaigner Scott Jordan said Forestry Tasmania was logging in old-growth forests and rainforests in the region.

“The equivalent of 40 AFL football grounds is being lost right now in the Tarkine,” Mr Jordan said.

Alleging widespread logging was occurring in the Tarkine, Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager Jenny Weber said the logging activity flew in the face of the Government’s desire to increase tourism to the region.

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  • Lee Cooper
    commented 2021-09-01 16:24:59 +1000
    I imagine the same body of govt. also has interest in cloud seeding..must keep those dams full now, yet I believe this causes bad weather affecting trades income, tourism impression and cause an unnatural imballance, argument if you like..in the local weather system resulting in damaging winds for the insured, or not, and farmers need the occassional heavy rainfall..not spits with excess wind. The practice was banned, post a court decision that seeding ruined the economy of a west tas town, however snuck the practice back in once all the complainants relaxed..I say save the great Tarkine and stop the cloud seeding…let the natural rain fall during the year, and lovely hot summers for the tourists…