Tasmanian climbers set to kick off global Canopy Campout in the Tarkine

Bob Brown Foundation Media Alert 22 June 2017


Tasmania’s Tarkine threatened forests will be the setting for climbers to kick off the Big Canopy Campout this Friday. Bob Brown Foundation are joining a global effort to support protection of the world’s threatened forests.

 What: Big Canopy Campout

Where: Frankland River conservation camp Tarkine Tasmania

When: Friday 23 June – Sunday 25 June

 “Our conservation camp in the ancient forests of Tasmania’s Tarkine has been a great success in stalling Forestry Tasmania’s proposed logging of endangered species’ habitat. Since February, when the logging was due to start, more than 100 citizens have camped in the forests on the banks of the Frankland River and given temporary protection to these forests. Our camp will wrap up next week as the Wedge-tailed Eagle breeding season begins and an exclusion zone is in place from the 1st July until the 10th February, preventing logging. The endangered Wedge-tailed Eagles have intact Frankland River forests for their juvenile to explore, thanks to the efforts of citizens defending the forests from logging,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

 The Big Canopy Campout is about celebrating the beauty and diversity of forests and valuing them through adventure, supporting the World Land Trust, an international charity working with local people to protect forested land from destruction and conversion to agriculture. This year’s inaugural Canopy Campout will be raising money to purchase critically threatened rainforest in North-East Borneo.

 Long-time forest campaigner, Dr Lisa Searle will be camping in the Tarkine canopy for this event.

"I am really looking forward to spending the night up in the canopy of the spectacular Frankland River forests with a whole group of fellow activists. We will be connected to each other and to our crew on the ground and plan to share food, messages and treats between our different platforms," Dr Searle said.

"Waking up in the canopy of a forest is an unforgettable experience and I am excited about sharing this with so many other climbers, both here in Tasmania and around the globe. We will be documenting the experience in this threatened forest canopy, especially around sunrise and sunset, and these images and videos will be shared with the Big Canopy Campout community and these Tarkine forests will have a global audience," Dr Searle said.  

 “With 39 canopy campouts across the globe, in Europe, North and South America, Japan, Taiwan, China and New Zealand, our Tarkine canopy campout will expose the looming threat of logging to ancient forests and support communities across the globe who call for urgent action to halt and reverse the worldwide trend of increasing threats to the world’s forests,” Jenny Weber said.

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