Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre: Aborigines give permission for takayna Trail 2021 to go ahead

As the original owners of takayna, Tasmanian Aborigines have given their permission and support to the Bob Brown foundation’s ultra-marathon event which will raise awareness of the cultural significance of takayna to Aboriginal people, following the decision by Forestry Tasmania to revoke permission for the event to go ahead.

The Bob Brown Foundation are well known for their efforts to protect Aboriginal land and place value on our cultural heritage, ‘’How dare Forestry Tasmania play political games with our traditional lands and cultural heritage’’ Nala Mansell, Campaign Manager said.

Aborigines have never relinquished our ownership of takayna, we have a moral and ethical right to our stolen lands and will not sit by quietly while forestry Tasmania use our lands for their own political gain.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre are backing legal action by the Bob Brown foundation against Sustainable Timbers Tasmania’s decision to refuse entry into takayna.



Nala Mansell

Campaign Co-ordinator

Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

198 Elizabeth Street, Nipaluna/Hobart

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