Tasmania’s World Heritage gets Global Focus

Photo: Dan Broun

Environmentalist Bob Brown says he is writing to Premier Will Hodgman to suggest talks to reach mutual agreement on future management of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage area.

‘Mining and logging is simply not going to occur inside the TWWHA,’ Brown said.  ‘The Federal Government could not allow it and it would bring global condemnation on the Tasmanian Government’.

‘There will be a huge ruckus if bulldozers move in to the wilderness,’ Brown said.

‘There are hundreds of thousands of hectares of native forest outside the World Heritage Area, so logging and mining inside the area is indefensible,’ Brown said.

‘I would be very happy to meet the premier, along with other environmentalists, to agree on access and tourism options in keeping with this wild and scenic wonderland, Bob Brown said.

Jenny Weber
0427 366 929 


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