Tasmania’s Forests delivered to the loggers

Howard's Tarkine Protection ends

Tasmania’s anti-conservationist Government has passed a bill that will see rainforest protection threatened, the ongoing logging of unique native forests, continued prop up of an industry crisis and the appalling relationship with corrupt Sarawak timber barons.

The Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said, “Tasmania's Government has issued a licence for native forest annihilation in an era when native forest logging should cease, for climate mitigation and ecosystem benefits.”

The global community will be alerted to what is happening here in Tasmania's forests. International markets are receiving contentious timber, the government has delivered iconic rainforest and wilderness forests to the loggers and Forestry Tasmania who is still bleeding the taxpayer purse is seeking FSC that they should not receive”.

“At the helm over the unique forests in Tasmania is a Government that has legislated for the ongoing logging of wildlife habitat of quolls, wedge tailed eagles, Tasmanian devils and swift parrots.

Logging of contentious forest will continue for controversial Sarawak logging and palm oil company Ta Ann, who is green-washing their appalling practices with Tasmanian timber operations," Jenny Weber said

“Ancient rainforests across Tasmania have been opened for logging, because this bill provides for 1.1 million hectares of long-standing reserves across Tasmania for ‘specialty’ species logging”.

“The Government have trashed the legacy of previous Liberal Prime Minister John Howard in the Tarkine by opening rain forests for 'specialty' timber logging.

In 2004 Prime Minister John Howard won an election in which he promised large tracts of the Tarkine rainforests would be protected from logging. He made good that promise and rainforest logging was ended in significant tracts of the Tarkine. Now Howard's protection has been shattered and the Tarkine rainforest, outside the fraction in national park, is open to future logging,” Jenny Weber said.

“The future of Tasmania’s unique forests is appalling under this anti-conservation government, in the past years financial support for the logging industry flowed, including hundreds of millions of dollars to continue native forest destruction,” Jenny Weber said.


Jenny Weber

Campaign Manager
The Bob Brown Foundation


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