Tasmania’s native forests, wild places, wildlife, oceans and climate need your vote on 1st May 2021.

Tasmania has a remarkable future ahead of it as a World Heritage Wilderness Island, with intact wild places, native forests and rainforests, clean air, clean water and abundant wildlife. A future with a strong economy benefiting from restoration, securely protected landscapes and a net-zero carbon economy. A future that Tasmanians need to vote for on May 1 2021.


This May Day we want every thoughtful vote to go to candidates who will defend our native forests, wildlife, wilderness and wild places, Aboriginal living places and the island’s coastal beauty with surrounding oceans.


This May Day remember that Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you don’t want the destruction of our forests and wild places and our wildlife etc then don’t vote for the candidates who promise to do destroy them.



We want Tasmanians to vote 1 for candidates who support:

  1. An end to logging this island’s magnificent native forests.
  2. Returning takayna/Tarkine to Aboriginal ownership as a world heritage listed National Park.
  3. Protecting all Swift Parrot habitat on public land in secure conservation reserves.
  4. Action to protect the oceans, coasts, rivers and the Aboriginal living landscapes.
  5. Recreating the National Parks and Wildlife Service, which manages more of Tasmania than any other body, as a separate, independent department. With secure long-lasting funding to protect our National Parks and World Heritage Areas.
  6. Protecting the integrity of natural landscapes from the industrialisation of the whole of the North by large scale, unnecessary and debt accumulating energy infrastructure.



Tasmania has an environmental crisis including the ongoing tax-payer subsidised flattening and incinerating Tasmania’s wildlife and forests, loss of habitat for endangered wildlife including the critically endangered Swift Parrot, push to allow off-road vehicle access across globally significant Aboriginal living landscapes in takayna/Tarkine, rampant expansion of fish farms and the threat of invasion into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area by private developments and invasive species.


All while attempting to silence defenders of Tasmania’s natural wildness with draconian anti-protest laws. Failing to halt the destruction of the environment will exacerbate the biodiversity and extinction crisis and the climate crisis.


Labor and the Liberals want our votes in the ballot box before the election and their bulldozers invading our forests after the election. They promise to end the squeeze on schools and hospitals before the election but will hand over $3.5 billion from taxpayers to foreign corporations for the Marinus cable after the election.






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  • Colin Smith
    followed this page 2021-04-30 11:36:05 +1000
  • robert pease
    commented 2021-04-16 07:15:54 +1000
    I am supporting the Bob Brown Foundation to protect Tasmania’s wild places. Tasmania needs leaders that act with integrity.
  • Manderlee Anstice
    published this page in Campaigns 2021-04-11 10:56:04 +1000