Tas Wilds Spur Sydney Oboe Concerto

Media Release 10 Feb 2017


Sydney composer Nigel Westlake, perhaps best known for having written the score for the smash-hit film 'Babe', has composed an oboe concerto after visiting Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Westlake's concerto is to be premiered by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra this month. (see link to story below)

Bob Brown, who took Westlake on a flight and cruise on Bathurst Harbour (with Par Avion Wilderness Flights) last year, says Westlake's work fulfils a prophecy of iconic Tasmanian photographer Olegas Truchanas. In the early 1970s, opposing the impending flooding of Lake Pedder, Truchanas forecast these wilds could spur creativity like that of the Scandinavian composers Grieg and Sibelius.

"With partner Paul, I will be off the wild west coast of Tasmania on a yacht trip from Strahan to Stanley when this premiere takes place. It is simply wonderful that, not for the first time, Tasmania's wilderness is stimulating great creativity for people to enjoy in the crowded cities of the world," Brown said.
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