Tas Government Bill an Assault on Native Forests

The Forest Industry Bill, released today by the Tasmanian Government, has left the forests to the loggers, abandoned any future reserves, slated endangered species and rich carbon stores for obliteration and set an agenda to imprison environmental defenders.

Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager for the Bob Brown Foundation stated today, “The Tasmanian Government’s assault on Tasmania's unique forests and the peaceful defenders on the frontline of campaigns, is loud and clear."

"With a Liberal Government in our country, forests with outstanding universal values are threatened with removal from Tasmania's World Heritage Area, the remaining vast tracts of Tasmania's native forests are slated for destruction and meanwhile, a greenwash of certification is expected.” 

“Forestry Tasmania is not assured Forest Stewardship Certification, and nor should they be with their logging practices. The six-year moratorium on logging, trying to hide high conservation value forests from the certification process, won’t fool anyone.”

“Conservationists are threatened by mandatory prison sentences and fines of $10 000 or more. Peaceful forest defenders have successfully exposed the decades of environmental destruction by Tasmania’s logging industry and relationships with unethical timber companies. These un-Australian laws undermine people’s rights to peaceful protests. These laws are not only designed for forest protesters, they threaten the right to protest in any workplace.” 

“The Tasmanian Forest Agreement has only delivered for the logging industry and left vast swathes of forests without the promised protection.  Worse, the logging industry, which has been given market support, is missing in action on the current proposal to remove 74 000ha of forests from World Heritage protection and they supported the draconian laws against environmentalists.” 

“It is time for all who advocate for forest conservation to keep building the campaign to end native forest logging and stand up for the protection of these rich carbon stores. In the past month we rallied 2000 people in the World Heritage forests and our campaign will continue to build for secure forest protection,” Jenny Weber said.


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