Tasmanian government sets new greenwash record as more forests doomed

Media Release: 26 Oct 2016


The Tasmanian government has today set a new greenwash record by announcing plans to fast-track legislation to log high conservation value forests that missed out on secure conservation in the failed ‘forest agreement process’, to log inside reserves set aside for endangered species, to log stream-side reserves, and to continue taxpayer prop-ups for an industry which has already sucked more than $1 billion out of the public purse, and yet change the name of Forestry Tasmania to Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

“Premier Hodgman has today adopted the old dictum, ‘if you are going to tell a lie, tell a whoppa!’” Bob Brown said, after Tasmania’s government  announced it would change Forestry Tasmania’s name to Sustainable Timber Tasmania. ‘Premier Hodgman will clearfell and incinerate high-conservation value forests like Wielangta, Bruny Island and the Tarkine and call it 'sustainable'!'

‘Clearfelling and steep-slope logging continues in Tasmania today at a multi-million-dollar loss to the taxpayer and is pushing unique species to extinction. Rainforests in Tasmania’s Tarkine and the habitat of endangered species like Tasmania's giant Wedge-tailed eagles, Freshwater Crayfish, Swift Parrots and Masked Owl are already being logged. Now Hodgman has plans to increase logging zones and fast-track access to allow logging in high conservation value forests that have been protected under a moratorium since 2011,’ Jenny Weber said.

“Adding insult to today’s injury to the forests, the Government will allow rainforest logging in areas previously set aside, suggesting that logging in ‘informal reserves’ is on the drawing board,” Jenny Weber said.

“Tasmania’s public will pay dearly in both dollars and jobs for Forestry Tasmania’s intensive logging, clear-felling and smashing roads into vast swathes of forest. Hodgman has committed to making the public pay for some of the 14 000 km of roads that were ploughed into ancient forests by Forestry Tasmania in the past decades while citizens protested because intact forests were being lost and taxpayers funds were being squandered,” Jenny Weber said.

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  • Trish Naus
    commented 2016-10-27 23:59:12 +1100
    The shame to allow such devastation of something that cannot be ever resorted to its previous glory. I’ve been so much involved in preserving the natural environment and trying to keep it in tact and extending it that as David Susuki said that the economics don’t reflect this and politicians aren’t in power to administer an even effect on environmental control. Trish Naus.