Tarkine Wilderness Lodge base camp - Arwen Dyer


My recent trips to the Tarkine/takayna for Tarkine in Motion have been to the wild coastline, so the rainforest here, with its tree ferns, moss covered logs, 800-year-old myrtle trees and massive eucalypts is a real contrast.

Yet the beauty, remoteness and preciousness of this place make it equally breathtaking. The vulnerability of rainforest strikes me deeply: how such ancient ecosystems can be destroyed by the approval of a new mining lease or the fall of yet another tree.


At this moment the forest is bone dry. I wonder what becomes of rainforest deprived of rain, whether our changing climate is having an impact on rainfall here… I note that some Tarkine rainforest was lost to bushfire only last year, a clear result of climate change.


I also ponder whether these trees will still stand when our children are adults. Will they also be fighting to protect the takayna? Or will they be marvelling at the magnificence of a new World Heritage Area? We can hope for the latter and continue our fight.


Arwen Dyer

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