Save Tarkine Devils

Bob Brown Foundation is sending an urgent plea to the Federal Environment Minister to protect takayna / Tarkine’s endangered Tasmanian Devils from a looming strip mine. 

Join us and email the Environment Minister on behalf of the Endangered Tasmanian Devil.

Riley Creek sits in the southern end of the Tarkine. It is part of a wild and ancient landscape, and home abundant wildlife including the endangered Tasmanian devil and Spotted tailed quoll.

After a prolonged fight, prospective miner Venture Minerals shelved it’s destructive plans to strip mine at Riley Creek in 2014, despite having gained EPBC approval in 2013. It was cause for celebration.

But right now Venture Minerals are manoeuvring to commence this two year, grab-it-and-run, destructive strip mining project. They say they have the cash, a customer, and the all of the approvals needed.

However there is one hurdle left.

In 2013 the horrific Devil Facial Tumour Disease had not reached Riley Creek. This always fatal disease has decimated populations in affected areas, and in the absence of a cure, management of habitat loss and road kill are vital in ensuring uninfected Devils have a fighting chance.



In approving the mine, the then Minister for the Environment made it clear that a key factor in his decision was the absence of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease in the Riley Creek area. He went on to include a condition that should the mine not proceed within five years, that additional permission must be granted before the mine should commence.

In doing so he gave future Ministers the legal power to deny commencement of the project if the Devil Facial Tumour Disease impacted on the Riley Creek area.

The Devil Facial Tumour Disease front reached and passed Riley Creek in 2015.

Minister Sussan Ley now holds the fate of the Riley Creek Devils in her hands.

Help us tell her to stop this MisadVenture.

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