Tarkine Privilege - A poem by Claire Barker

A Kiwi in takayna

Learning a fraction of past experience

Through present experiments

Perspective begs comparison to

Enrich understanding but my

Outsider stance limits comprehension

Language revival in progression

A research challenge in session

Where’s the state support?!

My anger is nothing on the frustration of

Today’s Tasmanian Aboriginal community

“The old fellas’ bones we find here sometimes

So, please take care of our middens”

Leave the memories where encountered

Where confronted

A different country, Welcome to Country

Privilege to receive welcome

Privilege to receive education

I am a grateful recipient of knowledge

Language an enabler of cultural tradition

Much lost but searching

Developing signage as a symbol of existence

Of Dwellers, forebearers, families, protectors

Strength, perseverance, courage, kindness

Leading communities, empowering children

Strong generations emerge

Proud communication

Linguistic emancipation

Ownership, celebration

A privileged collaboration

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