Media Release: Don't let Venture Minerals play dice with takayna /Tarkine.

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Media Release: Tasmania sends more carbon-rich Tarkine forests to destruction

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Submission to SCS Global regarding Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s application for Forest Stewardship Council forest management certification

Forest Stewardship Council auditors came to Tasmania recently to assess ‘Sustainable’ Timbers Tasmania for certification.  Forest advocate Ed Hill and botanist Nick Fitzgerald worked with us to ensure the logging of old growth forests, destruction of Swift Parrot nests and failure to reach a standard fit to be certified was presented to the auditors.


Click on the images below to access the preliminary submission and the final submission.


Screenshot-2019-07-04-15.19.53.jpg .   Screenshot-2019-07-04-15.19.39.jpg

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The Advocate: Sarah Courtney urged to look at cancelling Shree Minerals lease

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The Examiner: Dr Charlie Teo visits Tarkine with Dr Bob Brown, by Sue Bailey

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Vote Tarkine in Braddon - By-election News

Braddon: Poll shows most voters want a Tarkine National Park and our survey of candidates proves on the Greens candidate is representative of this.



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Meet Asta

Asta (from Astacopsis gouldi), more commonly known as the Giant Tasmanian Freshwater Crayfish, is the largest invertebrate in the world, and probably the largest crayfish puppet in the world.



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No Vehicles on Aboriginal Heritage in takayna / Tarkine

Click here to send a submission to Federal Environment Minister Frydenberg.


The Tasmanian government has applied to the Federal government to obtain approval for ‘off-road vehicle mitigation actions’. Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, any actions that are likely to have a significant impact on matters of national environmental significance must be assessed and approved by the Commonwealth Environment Minister. If a proposal is referred, the Environment Minister must decide whether a proposed activity is likely to have a significant impact on a matter of national environmental significance or on Commonwealth land. 

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Media Release from Save the Tarkine - Minister Barnett’s assurance contradicted by the EPA on the Shree bond.

7 August, 2017

Assurances given by Minister for Resources, Guy Barnett, as to the adequacy of remediation bonds relating to Shree Minerals failed Nelson Bay River mine are at odds with advice given to Save the Tarkine by the Director of the Environment Protection Agency.

The company remains in breach of operating permits, thirty one months after the Supreme Court found their storage of acid producing waste unlawful. 

“The assurances by the Minister reveal a conflict of fact between the Minister and the Director of the EPA”, said Save the Tarkine Campaign Coordinator Scott Jordan.

“The EPA has on two occasions confirmed that the remediation bond is insufficient to cover the costs, leaving a liability to the taxpayer”.

“Has the Minister ignored the advice of the EPA, or has he simply not sought such advice?”

“It appears that the Minister is wilfully ignorant, and that the taxpayer will be left with the cost of his failures”.

For more information or comment:
Scott Jordan, Campaign Coordinator, 0428300324

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Welcome back Eagles to breed in Tasmania's threatened forests

Logging was scheduled to commence earlier this year in the Frankland river forests in February. Our Foundation set up a conservation camp with volunteers who camped in the forests for more than 130 days, preventing the logging.

While camped in the forests, volunteers recorded endangered species including the Tasmania Devil and Masked Owl, threatened and rare species including the Giant Freshwater Crayfish, Astacopsis gouldi and Spot-tailed Quoll.

If we had environmental protection legislation that protected endangered species, logging wouldn’t be allowed to destroy such significant habitat for endangered, threatened and rare species.

With more than 150 volunteers camping in these threatened forests from the end of summer to early winter, we have achieved temporary protection for these forests in the Tarkine. Now the 2 pairs of endangered Wedge-tailed Eagles can breed in the peace of intact forests and Tasmania’s government has seven months to come to their senses and provide secure protection for these forests and takayna / Tarkine. We will be returning to these forests come February 2018 if the forests are threatened by logging again.

Film footage by Dan Broun and Trudi Bird, edited by Dan Broun.

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