Tarkine mining hopeful Venture Minerals under investigation by ASX

Media Release 16 November 2016


Tarkine mining hopeful Venture Minerals is under investigation by the ASX over disclosure irregularities. In a letter to Jenny Weber of the Bob Brown Foundation, the ASX has confirmed it is investigating the failure of Venture Minerals to notify the ASX of court challenges to its Livingstone and Mt Lindsay mine leases. Venture Minerals was served on the 26th October, and only notified the ASX some nineteen days later, after a misconduct complaint was lodged with the ASX.

‘Venture Minerals have tried to hide this from investors,’ said Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager, Jenny Weber.

‘The ASX rules, and Australian securities law, require publicly listed companies to inform the market of any information that is price sensitive. The fact that two of their three mine lease are being challenged is clearly price sensitive, a fact that should be disclosed to traders in Venture Minerals shares,’

Venture Minerals AGM takes place in Perth tomorrow, 17 November 2016.

Venture shares dipped yesterday following the belated disclosure.

Attached letter from ASX

For more information: Jenny Weber 0427 366 929



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