Tarkine in Motion 2016 - The whispers of Que

Poetry and photos by Nicholas Iceton and Diana Kaminskaya...

Sarah Ann Rocks. Photo: Nicholas Iceton and Diana Kaminskaya

The Tarkine mirrors us our heart beat.
Ancient echoes between microscopic footsteps
Timeless space within creation of life
Genesis place
Eternity of rhythm and security of interconnection
Our cells open to re-nature
We re-member our calling and perceive our place
in the birthplace of mystery.

by Nicholas Iceton

Que Rd. Photo: Nicholas Iceton and Diana Kaminskaya

The whispers of Que by Diana Kaminskaya

A bed of green velvet is laid beyond you
Hold in your breath! Let the time take two
Let eyes see the wonders of all hues of green.
The air is thick and the silence is thin

Step slowly, you'll see, that each layers has keys
to the heart of the being in which you stand free
Sink into the ground, unravel your roots
Your place within space is no longer so true

Each branch is a ladder to cosmos beyond
You walk within worlds of creation of all
Let legends get told through the hushes of wind
Each leaf is a page from the story within

You walk among wisers, so ancient so tall,
They wisper of times in which they were born
Your heart fills with joy beyond measures of all
Remembering treasures of this beautiful world.

Frankland River. Photo: Nicholas Iceton and Diana Kaminskaya
Que Rd. Photo: Nicholas Iceton and Diana Kaminskaya



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