Tarkine in Motion 2016 - Tarkine Sublime Near Couta Rocks

Photos near Couta Rocks by Dave Williams.

Photo: Dave Williams

Tyre probs 'forced' me to mainly focus on one area south of Couta Rocks. Turned out a blessing in disguise. So much amazing detail. Vast burned country was very sobering. Mostly wandered the wild coastline and dune areas capturing photos, film, sounds, dreaming, sketching ideas and eating yummy trekking snacks;) while hiding behind rocks from the wild wind and rain...between intense bursts of sunlight and rainbows!!

Photo: Dave Williams

 Its a no brainer. The rare Tarkine Wilderness absolutely needs protecting from further mining and logging and handed back to the traditional owners.

Photo: Dave Williams
Photo: Dave Williams

Its the least we can do with the few remaining Wilderness areas that've survived our 200 year onslaught to this extraordinary ancient culture and country.

Dave Williams

Photo: Dave Williams

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