Tarkine in Motion 2016 - Let it Be

A few thoughts written by Steven Liaros while in the forest, with photos by Nilmini De Silva.

Julias Creek. Photo: Nilmini De Silva

Let it Be - by Steven Liaros

"40,000 years of aboriginal presence,
200 years of European activity"

This, they say, will be our experience of the Western Forests.
Queenstown bears witness to the activity,
In the Tarkine I can, for now, still feel the presence.
Learn to be present
And let it be...

Couta Rocks. Photo: Nilmini De Silva

Renewal - by Steven Liaros

Renewables, they say,
can't provide the energy we need,
to build and grow and do.

Why not then renew ourselves,
Build our spirits,
Grow within and
Rediscover the energy that connects all things

Sarah Ann Rocks. Photo: Nilmini De Silva

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