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takayna Ultra is a 65km ultra-marathon event whose main goal is to help protect takayna / Tarkine in a World Heritage listed National Park, returned to Aboriginal ownership. The takayna / Tarkine region of northwestern Tasmania is home to one of the last undisturbed tracks of Gondwanan rainforest in the world, and one of the highest concentrations of Aboriginal archeology in the southern hemisphere. Yet this place, which remains largely as it was when dinosaurs roamed the planet, is currently at the mercy of destructive extraction industries including logging and mining.



The event raises money to support the Bob Brown Foundation campaign to have takayna / Tarkine protected as a World Heritage listed National Park, returned to Aboriginal ownership.

On 13th March 2020, this unique event was held for the second time. More than 120 participants signed up to run, with all funds raised going to the Bob Brown Foundation's takayna / Tarkine campaign.



The runners in takayna Ultra are a prime example of conservation in action. They are directly raising funds for the campaign to protect this wild and incredibly beautiful place, they are experiencing its wonder directly and becoming instant ambassadors for the region as they tell friends and family about North West Tasmania's treasures.

The main objective for route selection of the takayna Ultra is to capture the many raw and powerful landscapes dominant in this country - Gondwanan rainforest, giant eucalypt forest, grass plains, and the wild coast - both rocky, open beaches, and vegetated dunes. After extensive study and almost 3 weeks of ground-truthing, the 95% offroad route captures the best connected grass plains, wild coast, and old growth eucalypt forest. Some of takayna’s spectacular rainforests are best accessed a 30min drive away from the coast - with BBF protecting them with forest camps.



The takayna Ultra invites runners and their support crews from across the nation, and indeed the globe, to spend time in this wild and ancient landscape. In doing so, they not only spend locally on accommodation, meals, and experiences, but they go home ambassadors for our region with their tales of how takayna has moved them and the threats it still faces.


2021 Event Results

1st place Women’s – Sarah Martin
2nd place Women’s – Milly Young
3rd place Women’s – Aimee Bliss
1st place Men's – David Bailey
2nd place Men's – Daniel Nunan
3rd place Men's – Sam Martin
1st place Women’s – Paige Penrose
2nd place Women’s – Salome Tobin
3rd place Women’s – Sophie Egan
1st place Men's – Nicholas Damen & Ian Fletcher
2nd place Men's – Toby Sparkes
3rd place Men's – Lewie Dunn




2020 Event



2020 Results

Mens takayna Ultra 65km

First Place - Jack Brownlee Qld - 5 hours 55 minutes

Second Place - Shervin Tosif Vic - 6 hours 3 minutes

Third Place - Nick Montgomery Vic - 6 hours 6 minutes


Women’s takayna Ultra 65km

First place - Laura Prescott -Tas - 6 hours 20 minutes

Second place - Jacqueline Fetchet NSW - 7 hours 14 minutes 

Third place (two winners) - Jess Christiansen VIC and Bonnie Perris NSW - 7 hours 17 minutes 


Men’s takayna 22 - 22km

First place - Nicholas Damen NSW - 1 hour 29 minutes

Second place - Sam Burke WA - 1 hour 30 minutes 

Third place - David Lennon TAS - 1 hour 38 minutes 


Women’s takayna 22 - 22km

First place - Pip Penrose NSW - 1 hour 39 minutes 

Second place- Aimee Bliss TAS - 1 hour 54 minutes 

Third place - Katie Ogler-Glover TAS - 2 hours



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