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The first time I climbed a giant tree and spent a night in the canopy was an absolutely life-changing experience. I knew that I wanted to spend more time in the canopy, to learn more and to continue the fight to save these precious trees that form part of a powerful and complex ecosystem that is becoming more rare with every passing day. 

The Big Canopy Campout is an incredible global event that brings together tree climbers and activists from all over the world for 3 days of workshops, climbing, experiencing the canopy, learning and sharing ideas. It is an opportunity for the global forest activist community to come together in our collective battle to protect these places that we hold so dear and that are essential for the future of our planet. 



In the situation we find ourselves in today, with bushfires raging across Australia, and the effects of climate change becoming more and more tangible, it has never been so important to protect our few remaining old-growth forests. 

I have been a forest activist for 13 years and have spent countless nights sleeping in the canopy of big trees. I have been part of the Big Canopy Campout since its conception and it gives me hope that there are so many other people out there around the world who also care so passionately about these trees. Seeing these ancient forests first-hand and climbing these trees is an unforgettable experience. Over the years I have taught hundreds of people to climb trees and it is so inspiring to see the joy and incredulity in people's eyes when they first make it to a treesit platform and see the forest from a totally different perspective. 

I will continue fighting for permanent protection of Tasmania's native forests. Please join us. The time is now. And the Big Canopy Campout is a great way to get involved. 

For the forests, 

– Lisa



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  • Ilka Patten
    commented 2020-09-26 08:49:30 +1000
    Hi, I want to come out and take photos on the Saturday for my next book, can you tell me where to go and a map please? Thank you so much
  • Sarah Kanschat
    commented 2020-09-24 05:08:58 +1000
    Thank you! What an inspiring, loving and kind approach. My devotion is for environment, animals, people alike. Has been long time coming, to finally join, where I would love to be more active, with likeminded, in the community. Thanks for your story, beautiful nature. I too believe every one can make a difference. Peace! To all.
  • Lizzie Wolf
    commented 2020-09-18 07:07:39 +1000
    Thank you for being an activist to protect trees & their forests.
    I have planted trees in the garden, and I whole heartedly support the campaign to protect & preserve trees worldwide .🌱🌱🌱