Day four at Sumac Camp

I picked Kasey up from the bus at Smithton. It was so hot that we decided to do a detour to Stanely for a swim at the beach, then headed to camp refreshed. Scott has placed animal print flags along the side of the road at camp so it looks like an embassy for threatened species. In a way, it is as we are trying to also save these animals and their home.





It has become an evening tradition for camp to visit Sunset Log to watch the sun go down. It is always bittersweet as the sunset is beautiful but we are in a clearfell. It's like beauty and the beast.

We all spend time chatting and carving myrtle that was left to rot, in mass piles of waste that did not burn when forestry tried to burn it green. I have started carving different type of leaf shapes. My knife is blunt and we need more tools to get better shapes, so we are on the lookout.




Camp had a surprise visit from Abby and Pippa who are travelling in the Tarkine and looking for a camp spot. I suggested they go for a walk to Defenders Creek and check out the tent sites and see if they would like to sleep in the rainforest for the night, which they both decided would be great.




After dropping Kasey at the bus, I got ready to go for a walk to Defenders Creek and on the way, I set up the fauna cameras and hope to capture some devils and quolls. 






Wombat from the tv show The Block stopped in for a chat, a cuppa and a walk to Defenders Creek.

Tania Wilby

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