Scott Jordan, our takayna / Tarkine campaigner extraordinaire, is back protecting Sumac

After a two week fire-evacuated absence, we are back in the Sumac camp. Fortunately, the fire near the camp was kept to less than a hectare causing minimal damage. Our thanks to the firefighters who were so quick to action. Not so lucky were areas in the in the Rapid River, Lynch Hill and Huskisson River areas where over 3000 hectares of takayna have burned.

The 2019 fires have reminded us of a couple of things. Firstly, logging operations increase fire risk. Roads, fragmentation, loss of fire retardant old wet rainforests and the replacement with fire-prone regrowth and plantations alter the 65million years of evolutionary balance that has protected takayna’s rainforests. Secondly, that climate change bring huge risks to takayna. Increased dry lightning and longer hotter summers are already placing pressure on our precious rainforests.

In a very real sense, the Adani campaign is the Tarkine campaign, and ending the use of fossil fuels is the Tarkine’s defence. And of course, the loss of old rainforest contributes to climate change and so defending the Tarkine from logging and mining is action for the climate.

With your help, we will continue to defend takayna from all it’s threats.


– Scott Jordan




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