Myrtles and moss

Wow, what a very busy week at the Sumac defenders camp. We had around 14 interstate visitors, from Victoria, Adelaide and NSW, call in over four days to see what was going on show support. The signs at the entrance of the road are working, inviting guests to call in and have a cuppa. One young couple did the short 45min return walk to the little creek. As we stood on the edge of the destruction, the entrance to the rainforest, she burst into tears. The thought of this forest being clear felled was too overwhelming. Every visitor has been blown away by the size of the trees and the beauty of the Sumac forest and the waste that this industry leaves behind on the ground.



Hugh, a young indigenous photographer, came all the way from West Australia to visit the defenders camp. He was so inspired by the Patagonia film takayna, that he needed to see the Tarkine for himself. He is Patagonia's number one fan.

The new campsite is coming along nicely, tarps are catching the rain and directing it into a collapsible tank. 

A pair of eagles flew over camp and brought much excitement, and a white goshawk was spotted in the trees. With white flowers everywhere, camp life is great, even if it has rained every day for the last seven days.




This myrtle tree is now our view from the camp, I love how the moss is like a soft pillow and has made its way to the top of this giant tree. Being at camp is so rewarding and everytime I visit the forest and stand under the canopy I realise it is up to us to save this forest. These trees cannot save themselves - they need our help. 

Tania Wilby



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