Life's cycle

I have camped two nights at the Sumac road blockade now and observed the contrast of the burnt wastage of a clear fell and the rich, old, wise and abundant forest just a short walk away. 

I have observed the beauty of how life keeps on overtaking death. And how it’s all part of the same cycle. That nothing ever truly dies. 

A forest takes thousands of years to form and we take moments to break it down. 

It will form again if it is left alone but not in our lifetime. 

I have always loved soils. 

Bill Mollison wrote in a book of his I bought “great soils Fiona!”  Haha, random info. Anyway one of the beautiful aspects of these forests is the depth of amazing soft and rich soil throughout. All those leaves and branches falling down and decomposing to form that high fungi type of soil which smells so good. 

I feel grateful that being here is something practical that I can do to help save this place from the bulldozer.

Fiona Haasz


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