Gareth a traveling Welshman with a van

Hi, it’s Gareth, a travelling Welshman with a van!
Just wanted to say what a wonderful time I had at the Sumac protest camp. I was given a warm welcome and Curried puff pies which were yum. Was given all the low down on what’s happening in the campaign to stop the logging industry from further decimating parts of the beautiful Tarkine.
My experience of camp life was brief, 2 days 3 nights, but experiencing for myself the wonder and beauty of the temperate rain forest will remain with me forever.
I also enjoyed camp life. Getting the fire going in the morning putting the kettle on the fire for that essential first brew. I even cooked one evening which consisted of veggie kebabs using the native reeds as skewers, dam tasty they were too. Also, the evenings sitting around the fire watching the new moon and stars were awesome.
The best experience has to be the hike which takes a couple of hours from camp into the cooling healing heart of the forest. Just breathtaking with its mature old growth trees and beautiful understory. Nothing can replace this once it’s gone. The passion and enthusiasm of the fellow campers were inspiring and now, as I’m travelling around this beautiful island, I’m telling folks about the campaign and sharing it on social media.
Thanks for allowing me to be there kind regards and solidarity.

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