Day 115 on the Sumac Camp – by Scott Jordan

Day 115 on the Sumac Camp is a rare day to relax. We set up the ‘force-field’ this morning. Thirty metres of insect-proof mesh have arrived to keep the summer march flies at bay. There is an indescribable joy in, for the first time in days, not having a horde of March flies attempting to enter every facial orifice.


We’ve had a solid flow of visitors over the December and January period, and the lull in traffic today has allowed me a brief moment to take a breath. The Ghost Fungi are finished for now. The luminescence of their other-worldy green glow created a lot of excitement over the week that they put on their show, but we’ll now have to wait until next season for the encore. But that doesn’t mean the Tarkine is done giving out her surprises. One of our team took advantage of warm summer nights and took a nocturnal stroll on the trail from camp to Keppel Creek. She was rewarded with an experience of glow worms in the rainforest along the creek edge. There is beauty everywhere you turn in the Tarkine.

On Tuesday night we hosted the incredible Simone Slattery and Anthony Albrecht’s performance of Where Song Began in the rainforest at camp. Following another famous Sumac Camp-baked pizza night we walked into the forest for an inspiring show. The amazing projected visuals of birdlife and landscapes, combined with the recorded birdsong and live cello and violin created a unique experience for the crowd who came to share this event. Thankyou to Simone and Anthony for an incredible show.

There is always something happening here, and as always, we invite you to come and share the Sumac Camp experience, and help us defend this incredible place.

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