Three tensile tree tents – by Steve Pearce

Sumac is setup as an ultra sweet forest playground at the moment with 3 tensile tree tents setup for people to sleep in. These tree tents are accessible from the ground too, so anyone can enjoy a night suspended. During January we took in a mad keen group of young highliners who wanted to setup a tree to tree highline (tightrope) and we thought… why not! We met up with the crew at the Sumac blockade Camp and had some real fun in the trees over the 3 days.

I can honestly say that I was inspired by this action not just because the imagery reached a younger audience but because it was fun too.

We just returned from our second trip to the Sumac Blockade last night after witnessing quite the opposite spectacle. Two classical musicians who are currently touring Tasmania with their “Where Song Began” show, based on Tim Lowes book, were just as keen to share their talents with the blockade crew. Of course they put on a magical musical performance but they also went above and beyond and slept 30m up in a tree. This tree lies directly in the path of the proposed road and logging coup. So their efforts to push past the fear of a first time climber ascending into a pretty daunting emergent tree in the pitch back of night was just as inspiring to me. Of course we made them a cracking good tree top aeropress coffee in the morning, we’re not crazy.

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