Sumac camp life can get very busy! – Tania Johnson

Sumac camp life can get very busy, with the tourist season well on its way we have had many visitors drop by into camp, the welcome sign "come in for a cuppa" and the banner across the entrance of the road brings people into camp.


A tour van arrived with people from Victoria and NSW.  These visitors chose to visit the defenders camp instead of the regular tourist spot of the Trowutta Arch when given the option from the guide.  They were all keen to hear about the defenders camp and walk into the rainforest and down to the little pristine creek, which is a stunning 45 minute return walk which takes you through the ancient forest that the proposed road will go through and then clearfelled. 

As our guests filled out the visitors book and prepared to leave 3 cars turned up with 7 people who came in for cuppa’s.  Peter, a long-time supporter of the Bob Brown Foundation was among them staying for a cuppa and a walk to the creek.



I have been enjoying taking our visitors on a bit of a tour of camp and down to the tree sits and to Jesse tree. A young couple from the UK drove past the cuppa sign and turned around and came back wondering what was going on up this gravel road, they both plan on returning in February. Laz from Burnie and Kasey from NSW arrive, Laz brings paints and cloth for banner making.

Kasey and I started wood carving projects while the weather was harsh. I have spent many hours walking the clearfelled area at the edge of the ancient threatened forests and it saddens me to see all this waste the logging industry leaves behind, no respect for the once stunning ancient forests, huge off cuts of myrtle, half burnt logs everywhere. We spend the next 3 days carving away.

Pete, Lisa and Erik turn up with a crew, they will be doing tree climbing lessons. Scott arrives into camp with the news that a documentary film maker will be turning up in the morning to film the activists who defend the Sumac.


Our fauna camera's capture the resident devil, so far we have 3 different devils one is believed to be pregnant and a female quoll.

It is time to leave camp and head home, this place has become my second home so it is always hard to leave and return to the hustle bustle of town life, but I am lucky I get to return and keep being part of an amazing defenders camp. 




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