Conservationists and climbers were making preparations last night in takayna / Tarkine for the Big Canopy Campout.

This afternoon they'll be climbing into their arboreal nests to open The Big Canopy Campout 2018.


"The forest occupation camp out is cranking hot meals here in the Tasmanian takayna / Tarkine threatened rainforest. It’s been a hive of activity chasing the calm before the storm as lines go flying up into the tall eucalypts and the majestic myrtles. The night was spent doing some last minute setup of banners with some keen climbers and night photography. These forests in takayna / Tarkine are on the chopping block. There is a road line marked through all these trees. The portaledges donated by John Middendorf from Big Wall Gear have begun their ascents into the sky!"


Photographs by Tim Cooper.

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