Big Canopy Campout Blog by Erik Haywood

Camping in these forests we are privileged beyond our understanding. No human being has ever seen the views from the tops of these particular beasts, no one has yet rubbed noses with the bark of these flowering plants as it peels off to greet us on our way round the double barrel of a trunk to launch a line higher, no one has yet sat in a crotch in this tree, 70 metres up, contemplating whether its brother next door, or it’s sister next to that is taller, or just the same age, 4 centuries, 5 centuries old?

All these areas have now had their fates sealed, approval given to be savagely and systematically felled, bulldozed, cleared and burnt to cinders. The timber’s final destination to be spinning uncontrollably next to toilet seats the world over. 
It’s with this passion that we avidly participate in the Big Canopy Campout, for more than just trees, and forests but for climate justice.

We are all so very humbled by everyone involved in their local efforts all over the world on the 15th September to act in defence of our wild places and while pollinating ideas globally for the protection of these important ecosystems, we are all acting in solidarity.

- By Erik Hayward - a Tarkine Defender who works so hard for this wild and threatened place and spends a lot of time high in the ancient forest canopy.


Photo by Tim Cooper




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