Bob Brown Foundation has re-established our Sumac blockade.  The proposed logging road into the ancient Sumac rainforests is back on the government’s logging plans this coming spring / summer.

Our blockade last season prevented the logging destruction of the ancient rainforests after we peacefully occupied the threatened forests from September 2018 to June 2019.

Located south-west of the popular and iconic Sumac Lookout overlooking the Arthur River. This very old Myrtle and Eucalyptus forest is an integral part of the Sumac catchment forest ecosystem, extending southward into core rainforest of the Tarkine and are habitat for the endangered Tasmanian Devil.  If logged the timber from these ancient forests will supply the controversial Malaysian timber company Ta Ann and the majority will be woodchipped.

Proposed logging of these ancient forests can be halted. We are calling on all federal and state political leaders, including Premier Hodgman and Opposition Leader Rebecca White, to commit to permanent protection of takayna / Tarkine in a National Park, listed for its World Heritage values and returned to Aboriginal ownership. 

While we wait for political leadership, we will occupy these forests in a peaceful vigil aiming to prevent their loss to logging.

You can visit the camp and stay with us on the frontline as a Tarkine Defender, please email our Campaign Manager Jenny, to register your interest in joining or supporting this frontline campaign.




Recent Updates:

Our campaign continues with a tree-sitter is 25m up an ancient eucalyptus tree while police bust our Sumac blockade. 

Premier Will Hodgman has failed the climate, wildlife, & Tasmania’s economy today again.

We remain committed to defending takayna / Tarkine forests from logging.




Bob Brown direct from takayna / Tarkine frontline. Arrested treesitter Josh Nichols is a braveheart for Earth, he has sat firm against needless destruction in an age of climate emergency & extinction crisis.





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Media Release: Blockade established in threatened Tarkine rainforests.

Conservationists have returned to establish a blockade in a remote Tarkine rainforest as logging looms in the wildlife rich forest. A peaceful occupation was established over the weekend to protest a proposed new logging road.

“These forests have been threatened by a new logging road for the past three years and our Foundation’s peaceful protest has saved them from destruction. However, the logging threat is once again looming this spring/summer,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Scott Jordan said.

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Sumac defenders camp, 165 days

I arrive in takayna / Tarkine.  The Sumac defenders camp has now been in place for 165 days, blockading a proposed road in the heart of this ancient forest. I am greeted by Rose.  Rose who is from England has returned to the Tarkine to help, Rose was part of the first defenders camp at the Frankland river. Gareth who is from Wales and travelling around Tassie has come to spend couple days at camp, he is gathering firewood and cooking dinner, vegie kebabs on the fire.




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Gareth a traveling Welshman with a van

Hi, it’s Gareth, a travelling Welshman with a van!
Just wanted to say what a wonderful time I had at the Sumac protest camp. I was given a warm welcome and Curried puff pies which were yum. Was given all the low down on what’s happening in the campaign to stop the logging industry from further decimating parts of the beautiful Tarkine.
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Five days at Sumac Defenders Camp

Lisa, Erik, Tim and Laura arrive, so that means tree climbing.

Lisa and Erik set up lines in "Jesse tree" a giant stringy bark we named it after a Tarkine defender who passed away. Greens Senator Nick Mckim, his staffer Amanda Sully and Steve and his friends Megan and Zoe arrive. It is raining so we all pitch in to get their tents set up quickly. Nick is planning on climbing Jesse Tree in the morning and doing some media while up in the top of the canopy. Scott is busy making pizza's for the hoards. Some backpackers From France and Texas also join in for the pizza feast.


Greens Senator Nick McKim, volunteer climber Lisa Searle and Amanda Sully in Sumac forest

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Day four at Sumac Camp

I picked Kasey up from the bus at Smithton. It was so hot that we decided to do a detour to Stanely for a swim at the beach, then headed to camp refreshed. Scott has placed animal print flags along the side of the road at camp so it looks like an embassy for threatened species. In a way, it is as we are trying to also save these animals and their home.





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Scott Jordan, our takayna / Tarkine campaigner extraordinaire, is back protecting Sumac

After a two week fire-evacuated absence, we are back in the Sumac camp. Fortunately, the fire near the camp was kept to less than a hectare causing minimal damage. Our thanks to the firefighters who were so quick to action. Not so lucky were areas in the in the Rapid River, Lynch Hill and Huskisson River areas where over 3000 hectares of takayna have burned.

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Sumac Defenders Camp is back!

Our Tarkine Defenders blockade is back in place in the threatened Sumac forests.  The ancient rainforest and old growth eucalyptus are still threatened by a proposed logging road.  Today, our Tarkine campaigner, Scott Jordan has moved back in with volunteers. 



We have been peacefully defending these forests since September 2018 and had to evacuate on the 2nd of February due to a bushfire nearby. The fire is out and there are no threats to the citizens at this camp.



You can join this blockade camp and participate in this peaceful protest by contacting our Campaign Manager Jenny Weber, 0427 366 929 or

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Sumac Blockade Temporarily Evacuated due to Bushfires

Our Tarkine forest blockade has evacuated due to a bushfire.

For almost five months, our Sumac forest blockade camp has successfully prevented the logging of these ancient Gondwanan rainforests. On Thursday afternoon a helicopter with a water bucket was observed by our campaigner, Scott Jordan, flying over camp and dropping water nearby. Sustainable Timbers Tasmania sent an email to our campaigners at 4:30pm informing them that a lightning strike had started a fire 1km from the blockade camp in remote forest south of Keppel Creek. Our staff and volunteers were out of the camp to a safe location soon after.

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They say that we will protect only what we love - by Matt Jones

They say that we will protect only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.



The Tarkine in North Western Tasmania had been on the peripheral of my vision for some time.

My girlfriend, Calandra, encouraged me to visit the Sumac Blockade so that I could see for myself the grandeur of the forests and the result of the clear fell logging taking place.


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