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On Tuesday 15th of December, the Bob Brown Foundation halted logging in Swift Parrot habitat in Tasmania's North Eastern Tiers. Three people are locked on to a log loader. Bob Brown has joined forest defenders to stop the destruction of this critically endangered species' home.


"Despite the world's fastest parrot plummeting towards extinction, the trees in Tasmania's north east hills are being logged from underneath it. Despite last week's diabolical news from Australian National University research that a few hundred, not thousands, Swift Parrots remain alive, the destruction of their habitat goes ahead under federal and state direction. " – Bob Brown.



At the Foundation we are committed to defending and protecting native forests with non-violent direct intervention



2020 has seen our most intense season of forest frontline action yet. We are the leaders in action for native forests in Tasmania and we share this effort with many many volunteer defenders.  Hundreds of volunteers participated in the Sumac Ridge Blockade, the shut down of Ta Ann's veneer mill, held multi-day occupations and disruptions of logging operations in Que River, Pieman, Wentworth Hills and Mt Field areas. 


"Last week a few very thoughtful people risked arrest by peacefully objecting to this needless destruction in the Eastern Tiers. In fact, one brave woman was arrested. For the sake of the Swift Parrots, I have decided to join the campaigners this week. Our aim is simple, to stop the destruction of the Swift Parrot by rescuing their habitat. Scott Morrison won’t do it. Peter Gutwein wants more native forests felled. So it is up to us." – Dr Bob Brown.



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    With the destruction of eco systems I wonder if we will stopped in our tracks with more viruses. Covid 19 virus 🦠 competing with another virus (people)
  • Tess Robertson
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    signed 2020-12-19 14:33:59 +1100
    Isn’t it appalling that this kind of environmental bastardry is still taking place in the 21st century?
  • Rosemary Butler
    signed 2020-12-19 10:44:16 +1100
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  • Miranda Coulson
    signed 2020-12-17 23:07:19 +1100
    It is a disgrace to the nation that there is a race to the bottom in the bid for willful negligence of this species. Bob and his fellow volunteers are champions for standing in the way.
  • Christine Bennett
    signed 2020-12-17 22:31:11 +1100
    As a wildlife volunteer, I am appalled at the extreme loss of wildlife habitat that is occurring, throughout the nation. Australia’s natural heritage is being destroyed, en masse, at such a rapid pace that our unique native species cannot survive this onslaught of injury and starvation. Those who violate the very existence of our wildlife and native flora species are committing acts of extreme environmental vandalism. Government agents who enable acts of violence against wildlife and their habitats, our ecology and the right of every Australian to retain our unique natural heritage must be held culpable for these crimes against nature and humanity. Christine Bennett
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  • Beris Hansberry
    signed 2020-12-17 17:54:10 +1100
    Well done Bob and company,…….everyone out there please do what you can in your local area to save the swift parrot .

    It is under threat in many places in Tassie by land clearing for development and roading.